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Default Having a strange issue with this mod

I have 3 root level categories that are not showing up when I use this modification in 4.1.9. All three categories have category ids in the 100s (179, 184, 194). This is the only commonality between the categories that I can see. I have tried switching the sort order thinking it might be limiting the number of root categories it was showing to 10, but that does not help. All of the subcategories do show up for the root categories that work (even those with category ids in the 100s (e.g. 172) ).

The only other similarity is that these 3 categories do not have any subcategories. However, I added fake subcategories and products into those subcategories, cleared the template cache, cleared the browser cache and still the root level categories did not appear.

Any thoughts?
4.1.9 x-cart
4.4.4 in dev
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