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Default Re: Abandoned Cart Reminder module released

Hello, X-Carters!

Please be informed that we have updated the Abandoned Cart Reminder module distributive pack.

Fixed issues:

- search abandoned carts by email or customer login is not working

- Pagination is missing on the abandoned carts search page in admin area

- a few of language variables are missing

- more accurate description of error when notification is not sent

To fix the above issues in your X-Cart installation please perform the following steps:

1. Back up your store files and database:

2. Download an updated distributive pack which corresponds to your X-Cart version from your personal File area at

3. Uncompress the pack to X-Cart home directory on the server to overwrite old files with new ones.

a) if you've got SSH access then upload the distributive pack to X-Cart home directory and then unpack it using one of the following commands:

(if you downloaded zip archive)

(if you downloaded tgz archive)
tar -zcf x-abandoned-cart-reminder-4.x.x.tgz

b) if you've got only FTP access then unpack the distributive on your local PC, connect to the server via FTP and uploaded unpacked files into X-Cart home directory on the server using any FTP client, for instance FileZilla.

4. Remove "install-abandoned-cart-reminder.php" file due to security reasons.

5. Apply abcr.sql patch inside "" archive attached to this message.

SQL patch can be applied using one of the following methods:

a) Connect to your store database using any MySQL client (via your cPanel for example) and execute commands from abcr.sql file

b) Log in to your admin area, go to Patch/Upgrade section and apply SQL patch via SQL patches application section. For more info please refer to the following article:

6. Clean up cart cache on the Tools -> Mainteanace page in admin area or via cleanup.php script.

This patch will fix the issues mentioned above and add "Free shipping coupon" facility to your Abandoned Cart Reminder module (if you've not yet applied the previous patch).

If you encounter any technical problems during the patch application feel free to contact our support team, we will be glad to assist you.

Best regards.
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