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Exclamation Variable Pricing - 'Name Your Price' modification

Good day!

I need to find out if this can be done with XCart and also whom we can hire to make the modification. If this is something you can do, please send me an email on

1. Create a new field for when setting up a Product, "Lowest Accepted Sale Price"... this is where the site admin enters in the lowest price that would be accepted for any given product. Then you would want to add a flag to check off if this product was going to be a normal or Name Your Price product. If it's a NYP product, the no price is displayed on the front end and shoppers have to try and guess. There will be suggested prices shown from the top 5 competitors to help give shoppers an idea of what to shoot for. If the product is flagged as a normal product, then all NYP functions are ignored.
2. Create a new shopper input Field on the front-end Product Detail page for someone to enter in a price "Name Your Price" (only for Name Your Price products). When they click a 'Submit Price' button, it checks against the Lowest Accepted Price field above and if it's a match or higher, then load the item into the cart at that accepted price. Otherwise give the shopper a message "Price too Low", etc. Again, if submitted price is equal to or higher then the price set in the back end, just load the item in the cart and allow shopping to continue or checkout. The only criteria is that in order for the Name Your Price function to be active, customer must have created a User Account and be logged into it. Otherwise, do not show the Name Your Price functions. And customers must also have credit card details already stored in their account.

Thanks for reading!

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