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Default Re: X Cart 5 and Nginx

Originally Posted by lostdog9
Is anyone using Nginix with x cart 5 instead of Apache? If so what are your page speed results and were they any difficulties changing over?
If XC5 is hosted by X-Cart then that is (or was) supposedly fully supporting, running XC5 on Nginx.... Can't comment on the technicalities of that as we've always intentionally avoided XC hosting anything for us, but see the next answer & the 1st link in it (post #16)

If XC5 is self-hosted, XC were supposed to be providing an Nginx only version of XC5, which didn't utilise Apache at all. See from post #16 of this old thread Plus a quick flick back to post #14 is still how we use Nginx & XC5 today if that helps, plus this old post which helps understand the next answer.

Finally FWIW If you look at this file: //nginx.conf.sample you'll find the "supposed" XC5 answer to all Nginx self-hosting requirements. In our own testing experience, it's about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Any kind of technical interest on this version seemingly died, when X-Cart became part of SellerLabs
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