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Default Is there a reliable bug report/support for XC anymore?

I think it's pointless at this time but I can't help it to rant about this. Not that anyone will read it though in this ghost forum.

XC took away the way to report bugs. Now the only way is to open a ticket through the helpdesk. However by doing so their staff just sends out an automated template email asking for "credentials to investigate". The whole process is ridiculous. Most times they will not do anything because "you have 3rd party modules/customizations" so contact the developer... And when clients contact me with the issue - it turns out to be a bug in the cart.

Here is my latest bug report from yesterday and the answer just frustrated me so I am here to rant

On a mobile phone, the site does not seem to work properly.

Click on the three bars top right
Click on categories
Click on any of the categories and it goes back to “home”

Bug can be seen on the demo store as well -

This must have been introduced with the last upgrade as it was working before. An easy fix though

and the response the next day

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please provide us with the valid access info for your website, so we could make a preliminary investigation of the issue reported:

1) Email and password to access your X-Cart admin back-end.
2) SSH, or Control Panel credentials to access your website files.

The access info can be posted to the "Communication index", "Post access info" section:

All they had to do is go to the demo store and see it in action instead of sending the reply I got. It is still there at the time of this writing. And it is an easy fix, which I have done it for the client who reported it to me.
Now it will probably take another couple days with emails back and forth and the fix will be released in a month. In the meantime any XC5 store on the last version that is using the stock theme or a modified version of it is affected (maybe some with other themes too) - I have checked a few and they all suffer from this bug.
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