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Default Re: Selling to the EU from 1st July

Originally Posted by parmar
I'm just wondering how other online stores are tackling selling to the EU from 1st July? We have small numbers of sales from the EU and for that reason, we're thinking not to ship to the EU anymore as applying for IOSS number and what it involves seems not worth it.
It's not clear in that post, as to which country you're in, However, FWIW IF you are in the UK, as we are, you would have already found that since the 1/1/21 (it just gets a bit stricter from 1/7/21) when the 2,555 page " EU - UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement" took effect, it's become a pedant's playground for applying extra fees and charges to orders that are imported / exported between the two locations. The infamous "Rules Of Origin" is perhaps the biggest single example, but, it's initially hidden inside the pages and pages of specific documentation covering "Preferences Tariffs" Currently, we've stopped shipping to all EU countries until some changes are made (based on proof of concept), some precedent legal cases are documented and valid, competitive & non-price gouging EU - UK import / export transportation rates return too the field. Can't comment on any non-UK new EU "challenges" that may/may not have been raised obviously, only EU - UK ones, they're enough!!
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