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Default Re: X-Cart - Ultra - Responsive Template

Phil, is the ticker text multi language?

You can make it multi-language by using eg. {if $shop_language eq 'EN'}...{elseif $shop_language eq 'FR'}...{/if}
See skin/ultra/custom/widgets/widget_ticker.tpl

There's not many hard coded texts, but I'll tidy those up in the next release and include a language patch. I tried to utilise the default language labels where possible.
Can you also tell me how to set category's image size? Both on header's menu and category page.

See step (5) of the install, which sets the maximum width and heights of the category icons.

See also CSS...
img.subcategory-icon { max-height: 125px; width: auto; }

When a customer just registered and trying to add a new address in "my account" section, the div is positioned at the bottom, and the bottom part of the div is hidden. Scrolling doesn't help.

Popups should be centered and also responsive. It's fine here in chrome, FF etc. using the mousewheel or scroll bar. You can set the popup maximum height by editing skin/ultra/js/popup_open.js
Phil, I also noticed that company logo is missing from the invoice?

I remove the logo on the invoice, as I saw no point in it being there. If you want it back, then just replace skin/reboot/mail/html/order_invoice.tpl with the stock version.
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