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Default Re: "ARB" - Automatic rebelling question

That's the best place I found to post this although there could be other posts about XC modules subscription.

I know I complained to QT long time ago about their ordering system automatically activating annual subscription upon purchasing a module. Without purchaser having an option to accept or decline and without actually getting the purchaser to consent to this. Didn't know though it does the same when modules renewal is paid.

I was just hit with a subscription renewal charges for project done a year ago. The project included renewing modules subscriptions not new purchases. To make the matter worst the PP charge has absolutely no information who the client or the project was or any other info to identify the client so I have to take a wild guess to find out which project that was.
PP determine there was no fraud or unauthorized charge as there is nothing fraudulent about the charge itself of course. It's just that I never authorized XC or SL or anyone else for that matter to place an automatic subscription for this or any other XC related items. Apparently they did this behind the scene without any option for customer to accept or decline the subscription. This in my understanding is very sneaky unethical way of doing business.
And while going through this case I found 5-6 more active subscriptions for other XC modules in my PP account - haven't been charged for them as they are less than a year old. Hopefully they are all cancelled now.

XC or SL or both if you are still engaged in this forum in any way - fix your broken ordering system. If core/modules subscription is not mandatory for the software to work the person placing the order is the only one to accept or decline the subscription. You cannot go behind everyone's back and automatically enroll the customer.

I will open a ticket with XC about this and maybe I should send them an invoice to reimburse me for the charges instead of the site's owner.
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