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Default Product ID

Having recently switched from Xcart 4 to Xcart 5, I'm struggling to understand the role of Product ID in Xcart 5. Note, out internal CRM is not linked to Xcart.

In 4, when I added new products, I did so by import to control the Product ID name, and match it with the SKU. Otherwise, the Product ID would be randomly generated. Matching Product ID and SKU make future product updates via import easier.

In 5, the Product ID is randomly generated again when adding a new product manually, but it doesn't seem to be a required field for import, only SKU. So I'm thinking I no longer need to worry about them matching.

Is there something I might be missing? I add new products regularly, and would like to update several of them at once in the future using import. I don't want Product ID to be an issue.

Thanks in advance!
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