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Default Re: HTTP/2 JS and CSS aggregation

A question on CSS being loaded..

This code:
namespace XLite\Module\XC\CrispWhiteSkin\Module\Amazon\PayWithAmazon\View; /** * @Decorator\Depend ("Amazon\PayWithAmazon") */ class AmazonCheckout extends \XLite\Module\Amazon\PayWithAmazon\View\AmazonCheckout implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator { public function getCSSFiles() { $list = parent::getCSSFiles(); $list[] = [ 'file' => 'css/less/checkout.less', 'media' => 'screen', 'merge' => 'bootstrap/css/bootstrap.less', ]; return $list; } }
Does this add the LESS file to the list when in checkout only or (as I imagine) it's added to the giant CSS file for all pages?

I want to reduce the size on the general CSS file. It's way to big. On the X-cart demo page...

some is probably because it's the demo page but... wow! Way too much.
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