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Default Re: 4.1.x MaxCDN and Detailed Products


Having worked a lot on this in the overnight hours, I found that if the type == 'D' option is included in the include/func/func.files.php file, the pictures are indeed written to be pulled from the CDN--they still go through the popup_image file because of the "display detailed images in a popup window' option in the config settings of the detailed images module.

One observation, as at least on other user noted, is that the CPU util on the server goes up when these types are included.

So a point of clarification is that the type D files can be included in the func files and it will write the img src to pull from your CDN.

In case anyone was wanting to know...I know a couple of the threads it was a little unclear on exactly if the detailed images could be farmed to a CDN.

The next goals are:

1. To be able to do so without incurring extra cycles on the server.

2. Nail down if pulling the type D pictures is legitimately causing an increase.

3. Getting the related pictures thumbnails, as listed on the product page, to pull from the cdn. This looks like it is going to be a hot mess because the related product pictures are sent through the image.php functions with pass by value variables (product id and image type). There may not be a good (read: easy and not having to rewrite a lot of code) way to do this.

If anyone has any ideas on any of this....let me know. (There's got to be at least a few people who are still entrenched in the 4.1.x branch)
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