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Default 4.1.x MaxCDN and Detailed Products

Anyone know how to get MaxCDN working on 4.1.x for detailed product images?

Here are the specifics of what we're using.

We have it working for thumbnail images. (Made the modifications to the smarty.php and /inlcude/func/func.files.php)

We have the built-in Detailed product listings turned on.

Problem is, on the product page, the thumbnail is pulled from the cdn, but the detailed images are still going through the javascript and the /popup_image.php?type=D&id= process.

If I change the func.files.php file to include type 'D' instead of type 'P' AND disable javascript, the detailed product images will pull from the cdn.

Using the javascript enabled version of our xcart, and the images are still going the the pop_image function.

Anyone got the detailed product images pulling from maxcdn on 4.1.x?


// WCM - CDN Images
if (($type == 'T' OR $type == 'P') AND $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'on')
$image_path = str_replace('/home/DirectoryName/public_html/images/','',$image_path);
return str_replace('$http_location','',$image_path);
// / WCM - CDN Images


// WCM - MaxCDN Implementation
if ($_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'on')


In the Detailed images config, we have the popup options enabled. If I turn that off and set the func/func.files.php to include type 'D' files, everything pulls fine from the CDN.

With the popup enabled on the detailed product images, it goes through javascript and not the cdn

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X-cart Version 4.1.9
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