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Default Change "From 1 to X" to "Quantity in stock:"

I have just completed this work on 4.3.2, I expect it is very similar, if not identical, in earlier versions:

I wanted the product box to say
Quantity [1 ] Quantity in stock: 12

instead of

Quantity [1 ] (from 1 to 12)

after the number of items selection box.

(I ticked "Show quantity selector as input textbox" in General Settings, Appearance Options.)

I edited customer/main/buy_now.tpl as follows:
I changed this part:
{if $config.General.unlimited_products ne 'Y'} <span class="quantity-text">{$lng.lbl_product_quantity_from_to|substitute:"min":$product.appearance.min_quantity:"max":$product.avail}</span> {/if}

to this:

{if $config.General.unlimited_products ne 'Y'} {* COMMENTING OUT OLD "FROM 1 TO X" TEXT *} {* <span class="quantity-text">{$lng.lbl_product_quantity_from_to|substitute:"min":$product.appearance.min_quantity:"max":$product.avail}</span>*} {* INSERTING "QUANTITY IN STOCK: X" INSTEAD *} <span class="quantity-text">{$lng.lbl_quantity_in_stock|substitute:"max":$product.avail}</span> {/if}

(You can delete the commented out text completely if you like, I prefer to leave it so that I can see what I have done!)

Then I went to Languages, and created the new label,

so that it says:
Quantity in stock: <span class="product-quantity-number">{{max}}</span>

Now your product page should show:
Quantity [1 ] Quantity in stock: 12

Which I think is clearer than "from 1 to 12".
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