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Default Need to create a logo overlay feature for apparel store

I have a custom apparel store. When we build a product inside x-cart, we first have to use Photoshop or other image editing software to create an image of the product (for this example, say, a shirt) with a specific company's logo on it in a specific area (the company's logo on the left chest of the shirt). We do this for all items we build out. This becomes pretty tedious if we want to offer one type of shirt in 18 different colors (which means we have to create/edit 18 different images of the shirt before loading them in as variants for that product). And if we want to offer 10 different types of shirts, 18 color variants each...that's 180 images to edit and upload!

I wanted to know if anyone has had built for them (or has an idea of how to build) a logo overlay for the product images. In essence, I want to be able to load in all my product images as blank goods, and then load in 1 (or more) logo file(s) when I build a product. Then, when a customer visits my store and looks at an item's image, the logo image will be laid over the apparel image and look like the finished product - a shirt with a logo on the left chest.
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