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Default Gift Certificate Module...

This module has never worked right for me in XC5. Numerous bug and ticket reports does not seem to get this particular module looked at.

First of all, even in version 5.2, it only worked with the default currency. If you have a multi-currency shopping cart, it won't work with any other currency except the default currency. I put in a bug report for that maybe a year ago and it's never been resolved. It should default to the currency the customer is using, period.

Is anyone here using this module in XC5.3.1.4? When I try to look at settings, I get garbled screen. Being that it's "peak" GC buying season, it would really be nice if this thing worked. I've got a ticket in for that.

It's not my practice to publicly complain about minor module problems but for whatever reason, this module does not seem to get much attention. Perhaps no one uses it, I'm not sure. However, this currency bug has been active for probably a year. They should either make it work right, or take it off of the Marketplace. I hate wasting time on things that are not going to work right from the start.
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