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Default Re: Abandoned Cart Reminder module released

Hi, folks!

We are currently contemplating an idea of developing Abandoned Cart Reminder module for Pro/Platinum versions.

Why it's not ready yet: our main concern is that as usual in real stores admin is not allowed to give discounts on behalf of providers and consequently if there are 100 products from 100 different providers in one abandoned order he should contact them all and ask for permission of giving a discount for this of that product. Not convenient at all, unfortunately.

Possible solution:

1. A customer places 10 items from 10 different providers.
2. Each provider has his own private abandoned cart area
3. Only products of this provider are shown, thus informing the him that a customer intended to purchase a product of this provider.
4. Provider can send email notification with a discount coupon and a link to restore the shopping cart content.
5. As soon as the link is clicked only products of this provider will be restored and a corresponding coupon applied (issued by this exact provider)
7. As a result a customer can place a new order which includes products from one provider only with a discount.
8. Similar steps can be performed by the rest 9 providers if necessary.

I'd appreciate if you share your ideas and expectation of how it should work in your opinion.
Alexander Dyachkov,
Director of Customer Success
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