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Default Re: X-Cart v4.7.9: Skrill and PayPal updates, Store Notifications, SEO, Bug Fixes

Originally Posted by aim
The mcrypt extension is removed therefore
the include/blowfish.php is adapted to use OpenSSL.

ok that's easy enough.. Were there many changes to get this one going?

Improvement (Y:148386): [PayPal] Express Checkout simplified checkout upgraded to version V4 to replace the deprecated classic In-Context Checkout method. (integration-jsv4).

that and the php 7.2 is really the only major things that interests me and would like to avoid a lengthy upgrade procedure.

php7.1, AWS RDS database
memcache, reboot theme AWS EC2 load balancer, 2 c5.large instances CDSEO Shop By Filters,
AC onepage checkout and checkout tools,
altercart cash rewards, bcse DPM for paypal
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