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Default Re: Point of Sale module (POS System) for X-Cart 5

Originally Posted by qualiteam
We are happy to announce the new 5.2.6 version of the Point Of Sale module for X-Cart 5.

The changes are:
- now, in addition to the free QZ Print applet, you can print receipts and bar codes through QZ Tray 2.x (they offer free and paid versions) and PrintNode (paid subscription)
- receipt template has been tweaked a bit
- now you can control the width of the receipt (number of characters)
- autocomplete is enabled for the name and UPC fields in the search form
- adding a product doesn't reload the page (now it uses AJAX to update the data)

Rough plans for next module versions:
- the ability to specify the payment method
- new payment method for cash payments (you enter the amount got from the customer and see the automatically calculated change)
- the ability to enter a percent or a fixed-amount discount
- the ability to change product prices
- the ability to sell products that are not available for online purchases
- better UI with a layout optimized for tablets/devices
- the ability to create new customers

For information about the module please refer to the POS System module documentation.

Did development stop on this module? I think its a good module and use it

Ultimate 5.4 testing
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