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Default Re: Add keywords to customer side advanced search

Hi Phil,
Thanks for responding. The tags idea isn't quite what we were looking for. Basically we wanted to add a checkbox to the customer side advanced search so it matches the admin side product search. I don't really want the customer to see the keywords because some of them are misspelled on purpose because some customers search that way.

A good example of the problem is if a customer searches for the word RED, trying to find red candles the results they see include just about every product BECAUSE (even with Product Title, Description, and Sku unchecked, and Exact Phrase selected) it still includes any product with wordd like tapeRED, textuRED, numbeRED, coloRED etc.

I'd like to have the option to filter out product title, description and sku, and ONLY search for the search keywords. Even though most customers won't probably use it, I can use it and send them the URL so they can see the products they want.

Does that make sense? I've attached a screen shot of a results page for a search for RED
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