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Default Re: X-Cart v5.3.5: Better Email Delivery, Multivendor Improvements, Orders Feed for Royal

Originally Posted by cflsystems
Go here -

Lets work with Contact Us page but any other page is a good example too - Sale, New Arrivals, Coming Soon...

Now point to Contact Us link in the top menu or footer links. It's link is like this - not user-friendly (clean) url

If you click on it it loads - it is converted to the clean url version

When adding dynamic links to menus from admin and you enter any category link it shows in the menus with its clean url version. But this applies to categories and products only. Any other link is not showing in the menus with its clean url version. Unless you enter the actual url.

Steve, xc5 does not post filter the entered values at all. Nor for quick links, nor for the categories.

we have an improvement to replace {contact_us} with the cleanURL but not going to replace the real dynamic URL with cleanURL.
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