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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

We've installed and tested the very latest (released earlier today) stand alone version of the XC5 GDPR module ( in our Dev Store. As we did last time, we've tested this without using the XC Geolocation Module that was needed on earlier releases, because that's not installed in our Dev Store or indeed any of our stores.

The two bugs that we added after the recent 5.3.1 release have been fixed properly and in our opinion, after all tests we've done ourselves, it's now fully useable (and customisable ) for all XC5 store owners, no matter what country they are located in

XC5 users are now fully responsible for their own GDPR setup. A setup that they themselves can decide and one that's 100% correct for their own store / location / business model etc which is how it should have been right from the off of course

Hat's off to XC as the original "'s concept module" has now successfully morphed in to a "customer's feedback driven module" that can be used accurately and correctly, without being reliant on any other module too
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