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Default Re: X-Payments with Google Analytics Conversion Code

This gets interesting...

Bill @ AlteredCart asked me to disable chekout_one and checkout with only stock OPC and x-payments.

I did a test order with C1 disabled.
And the order_message "success page" source contains all the GA code (and it reported to GA). That's good.
And the conversion code and sales data appears almost instantly in GA. That's good.

HOWEVER - this is now getting strange┘

If you look at the variables in the order_message page, the variable, {$ga_track_commerce} is set to "N" ???? yes, with only x-payments and OPC, the variable, {$ga_track_commerce} is set to "N"

But if {$ga_track_commerce} is N, then why/how are the 3 transaction variables showing, because in the template,


there is an if...

{if $config.Google_Analytics.ganalytics_e_commerce_analysis eq "Y" and $ga_track_commerce eq "Y" and $main eq "order_message" and $orders } // Ecommerce Tracking for order_message page

SO - if {$ga_track_commerce} is N, the tracking scripts shouldn't appear. Right?

BUT -- if I turn C1 off and use xcart OPC, $ga_track_commerce is N, but all tracking code is there.
AND -- if I turn C1 back on, $ga_track_commerce is also N, but all tracking code is missing.

Any ideas what's going on here?

Very confused.
xcart 4.5.4 gold+ w/x-payments 1.0.6; xcart gold 4.4.4
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