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Hi Chris & Shan,

I spotted something missing from the uk language variable txt_contact_us_sent

I have recently purchased X-Cart 3.1.3a, I spent several hours correcting spelling and grammar errors in the language section, part of the problem was in some areas several "lng.txt_" variables are used to create a paragraph in a page section, so altering the text under e.g. "lng.txt_A" when used with other "lng.txt_B and lng.txt_C", could end up making no sense, even though the spelling and grammar are correct.

Having said all that, I often make quit a few, part due to typos and late night editing, and I seem to be developing a habit of reversing hcaracters! Like that one.

Hi Shan the speed of your reply suggests you may be on the board at present - as you are in the uk do you know of a good and reasonably priced host which will handle php with safe-mode disabled - my own host will not disable safe mode and the host ( recommended by the Russian developers is HOPELESS.

Chris, take a look at also. I had to changed from my last host "Host Europe" (includes WebFusion, Magic Moments hosting sites, and 123.REG domains) after installing X-cart
I discovered they will not enable PHP or ASP on their secured servers.

Lucky for me I discovered this within the 30 Day full refund period, as I had paid for a years hosting and site submission.

ProWebSpace have one of the best hosting packags I seen, and I spent 35 days researching hosting sites. Everything you need to run X-Cart is already installed (Pearl modules etc).

I have the GOLD package, it includes unlimited MySQL databases, 10 subdomains, 250MB disk space, secure server and safe mode is OFF.

Make sure you checkout the memberБ─≥s forum, it's first rate for support.


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