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Default Re: Additional fields for address book

Thanks Steve!

In version 4.6.3, the setting up the company address field as an "additional address field" in user profile doesn't allow it to be put in the correct field order for address labels (as many now know).

So I used your hard coding of the Company field as per your coding (slightly modified as 4.6.3 has the bugs removed). I don't really understand why but I just couldn't get the company field to show anywhere, even after clearing caches. None of the array functions would pick it up. Then, in PHPMyadmin I searched xcart_config table for "address_book_fields" I decided to manually insert the company field

{s:5:"field";s:7:"company";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s: 8:"required";N;}i:4;a:3:

So it now contains :

a:13:{i:0;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:5:"title";s:5:"avail" ;N;s:8:"required";N;}i:1;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:9:"fir stname";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s:8:"required";s:2:"C H";}i:2;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:8:"lastname";s:5:"avail ";s:2:"CH";s:8:"required";s:2:"CH";}i:3;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:7:"company";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s: 8:"required";N;}i:4;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:7:"address";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s: 8:"required";s:2:"CH";}i:5;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:9:"a ddress_2";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s:8:"required";N;}i :6;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:4:"city";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH ";s:8:"required";s:2:"CH";}i:7;a:3:{s:5:"field";s: 6:"county";s:5:"avail";N;s:8:"required";N;}i:8;a:3 :{s:5:"field";s:5:"state";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s:8 :"required";s:2:"CH";}i:9;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:7:"co untry";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s:8:"required";s:2:"CH ";}i:10;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:7:"zipcode";s:5:"avail" ;s:2:"CH";s:8:"required";s:2:"CH";}i:11;a:3:{s:5:" field";s:5:"phone";s:5:"avail";s:2:"CH";s:8:"requi red";N;}i:12;a:3:{s:5:"field";s:3:"fax";s:5:"avail ";s:2:"CH";s:8:"required";N;}}

and everything started working correctly - including the field showing in User Profiles and it the avail/req'd checkboxes also work - see attached.

In 4.6.3, userprofiles.php call for $default_address_book_fields; but func.user.php calls for $default_address_fields - I think this is where the hard-coding of the fields is complicated a little.

Hope this helps someone!
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