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Default Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

Originally Posted by kevinrm
If XC4 owners hadn't already jumped to XC5 by this late stage of the game, they never would have anyway. I've been using XC for almost 20 years now, used to do all the file updating, etc, and I'm kind of surprised people still use XC4.x in 2020 but to each their own...


XC4 is still ok and does things that XC5 does not, and quite good. There is no reason to jump in XC5 if all works well and money is coming from orders.

Of course it's complicated to update, that's why XC5 came out. But it's far to be useless and has still features that XC5 does not have (I wonder why).

It's incredibly fast and less resource hungry and works still perfectly even in stores with hundreds of orders per day.

If not for a specific reason, my clients or anyone else should never switch to XC5 or any different platform.

I've made at least 2 clients of mine migrate to XC5 because they need a complete restyling and update, and doing in XC4 would be too expensive, the license exchange offer was a money saver.

Of course NOW I am forced to use other platforms, there is no place for me if I should add a 1,900 USD annual fee.
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