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Default Re: alteredCart One Step Checkout - PayPal - File Not Found

Originally Posted by xcel
2 Stores - 4.6.6

alteredCart One Step Checkout
PayPal Advanced

On July 29th/30th, we began getting the same "error" on both stores after a customer clicks the Submit Order button.

The page will go blank for 2-3 seconds (this is normal), but instead of redirecting to the successful order confirmation screen, the screen stays blank white and displays "File Not Found" (image attached) and the order in admin displays a status of Not Finished.

Upon checking PayPal, the payment did indeed go through. The bad thing is the customer thinks the order/payment did not go through and processes again resulting in multiple orders.

I did reach out to PayPal, and this is their reply from Merchant Technical Support...

Thank you so much for contacting PayPal's Merchant Technical Support. I understand that you are getting 'File not found' errors. I will be more than happy to work with you on this!

The error page itself is not PayPal hosted, it is a result of your system and something going wrong in the back end. The question specifically is what is going on. Since the payment is successful it does not appear to be API related. Have your developers or cart provider taken a look to find out what is different about the API response that causes this error to thrown? They would be the best ones to look into this and advise what could be causing the issue. We are here for support once they find out what about the PayPal response is causing that error on your site.

Not sure how difficult this is, but I was wondering if there is a way to compare the current installed files with those of the original install files to see if there is a missing file.

I searched here and didn't find anyone else having the same issue. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever figure out what the issue was with this? I've been having the same problem for the past few months now using Checkout One Payments with PayPal Pro. It seems to only be affecting 10% of our orders but its been driving us crazy.
X-Cart 4.7.3
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