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Default Re: alteredCart One Step Checkout - PayPal - File Not Found

Our 4.4.5 store uses AlteredCart's One Page Checkout and I haven't seen this issue.

Some ideas:

1. I suggest you review the XCart logs to see if it has entries related to the problem. That will help narrow down the troubleshooting.

2. Some host providers perform automated virus scans that quarantine suspect files. Sometimes there are false positives that lead to mysteriously "missing" files. So check your host server's quarantine folder to see if it has the missing file. If you find it there, confirm it is safe before moving it back. Plus contact your host and ask them to white list the file so it is not removed again.

3. Confirm that your server's PHP version has not changed. Some host providers will change it for you, without notice. That can lead to compatibility problems.

4. Log into your PayPal account and check the "Website payment preferences" settings. Under the "Auto return" settings is the path for returning to your cart after payment. Confirm that the path is valid and that the file name exists in your xcart installation.
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