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Default Re: X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta is out

Originally Posted by mvs
Please welcome X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta ~~ You’ll love the revised email notifications builder, brand-new upgrade system with one-click rollbacks, the updated webmaster mode and template editor, and many more improvements...
Our experience (so far) with the XC public beta release:

@mvs The irksome "Trial Has Expired" notice / graphic reminder etc has arrived today, despite the previous advisory note advising that the trial period was 28 days Why this is even present in a Public Beta release anyway, is still a mystery to us, but that fact that it doesn't work properly, relates to item b) below.

a) All the items mentioned above are welcome, particularly in our case, the e-mail notification editing, and the upgrade / rollback back processes. Well done XC. Looking forward to XC 5.4.0.* becoming stable and becoming a public release.

b) There are still, minor system glitches all of which, need to be fixed before a public release. We've already PM'd you @mvs relating to a few of them but there's others too.

c) The XC approach to CSP is very poor. We summarized that in #post21 on this thread. This will not prevent the forthcoming public release of XC 5.4.0.* but, it's a security oversight / avoidance, so it does need to be fixed. Properly and quickly please, not just put in the "too hard" tray and left to fester.

d) XC 5.4.0.* was supposed to provide an Nginx only version. It didn't. This too, has no effect on the forthcoming public release of the normal Apache based) XC 5.4.0.* but it's a big opportunity wasted. The Nginx 'solution' that's been provided in this beta release doesn't work properly, well not for us anyway. We'll add a separate post on this.

Finally, an item for debate; One big XC 5.4.0.* irritation is the incessant and every increasing up-selling attempts (text / icons / graphics / prompts with links etc) that now reside within XC5. If somebody at XC doesn't quickly deal with this, there's a real danger of XC5 becoming "Bloatware". Any links to services provided by 3rd parties and/or other XC5 chargeable services / news or blog items etc could ALL very easily be changed to very short, small text notes only c/w appropriate links but presented in a much more controlled and focused manner. XC keep trying to emulate Apple in many ways, well this is a very good example of how to do it (Apple) / how not to do it (XC).

In our opinion this beta release of XC includes up-selling items that are too big / too intrusive / unnecessary and over sold. It's like a throwback to Windows Vista but distilled down further, so that it's suitable for primary school kids. Your own opinion / experience / feedback may vary
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