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Default Re: Updated X-Cart 4.x connector for X-Payments

Hi Alex

Since I was the one to upgrade the cart and worked with Michael through this at night I guess I should say something. I don't think I saw anywhere what you have just mentioned (did I miss it?) - "new connector relies on using latest X-Payments v2.1.1". So their X-Payments installation is not yet upgraded (it will be though) but to release changes to the Connector like this that depend on another piece of software and not mention this anywhere is not good practice. What about all the carts now that may have already upgraded to 4.6.4 and using X-Payments 1.0? They are screwed big time right.

If this was known up front their X-Payments would have been the first to upgrade. This is critical to active shops. I am not happy about this, you can imagine how Michael feels....

This is all that shows on the upgrade screen in admin before launch, not a word about the X-Payments Connector
11. After the upgrade is completed, check the following features (Enable and configure the ones you will use and disable the ones you won't):
-Pay with Amazon/Checkout by Amazon modules settings
-XPayments_Connector module settings
-iDEAL - Rabobank Professional payment settings
-ePDQ - Essential payment settings
-CyberSource - Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile payment settings
12. After the upgrade your store will be able to generate anonymous profiles from orders placed by anonymous users. Since after the upgrade your store's database may already contain previously created anonymous orders, you should use a special utility to generate anonymous profiles from them. <br />To launch the utility, open the link
http://YOUR_XCART_STORE/admin/tools.php?start_generate_anonymous=Y in your web browser, or go to the Tools > Maintenance section of your store's Admin area (http://YOUR_XCART_STORE/admin/tools.php) and click the button "Generate anonymous customers from orders" (The button is not displayed if there are no anonymous orders that have not been converted to anonymous profiles.). This will start the generation of anonymous profiles. Please note that this operation may be time consuming.
13. This upgrade pack does not include changes for vivid*/fashion* skins. If your store uses any of these skins, you will need to upgrade the skin separately using a helpfull patch upgrade/4.6.x-4.6.4/patch_to_check_fashion_mosaic_vivid_dreams_changes .4.6.3-4.6.4.diff and the diff files from the upgrade/4.6.x-4.6.4/skin/common_files directory.

(If all this is due to the XC/XP and not some 3rd party software).
Steve Stoyanov
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