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Default Re: Overiding CDev Module css

XPlorer's methos was a lot easier and the one I did not try before doing it programatically.

This is an interesting debate.

Which method would make it easier to identify where the problem was if this or any other template was altered during the upgrade process?

Replacing a skin completely may make it easier to identify quicker.

I need to do some testing on what would happen if you have multiple skins themes installed. If this is the case, altering the CDev css is not an option, in my opinion, as you would have nothing working to go back to.

What happens if we have multiple modules altering a CDev modules CSS? It could get proper messy

If you are gong to sell skins you need some element of control.

If there was a notification process for developers that gave them say a weeks notice for an impending upgrade it would make life easier.

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