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Default Re: XC5 - Support for PHP 8.0 & subsequent PHP 8.* releases

Originally Posted by Ed B.
Actually it would be nice if X-Cart supported php 7.4 before talking about 8.0.
AFAIK XC-5.4.1.* does officially support PHP 7.4.*
Originally Posted by Ed B.
I can't run X-Cart with php 7.4
We've run XC-5.4.1.* on PHP 7.4.* for a long time now, without any (PHP) issues, including the one that you've posted (although we don't have any need for that specific functionality anyway TBF). Going to post separately soon, on a different main topic, but XC5 support of PHP 8.0.* and PHP 8.1.* will be a part of that too.
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