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Default Re: XC5 - Support for PHP 8.0 & subsequent PHP 8.* releases

Originally Posted by memoto
~~There is no ETA on this big change yet. 5.4.2.x won't be adapted to PHP 8 for sure. The main issue is that a lot of libs don't support PHP 8 yet. Moreover, some of them have such plans (adapting), and some of them are going to be dropped (as a result, forks have to be developed and adapted). Some of the libs are going to support only the "upper" versions like >7.3 so all the previous ones won't be compatible. Anyway, I will always post a "New 5.N.N.N version released" with a changelog link so you can see all the included changes/fixes/improvements.
Here we are...Well over a year since this ^^ Aka The Update (promised changes) that never happened

Relevant things to note:

1) After taking people's money willynilly for "support" XC haven't actually provided anything at all since 1/11/21. Have look yourself: Are they still asleep?

2) Even better, XC5.4.1.* now has the most - ever - number of point releases of any XC5 version and the XC5.4.2.* mentioned above is, wait for it, still "...conspicuous by it's absence"

3) PHP Support? XC are hanging on to XC7.4.* like ia drowning child, yet, as you can clearly see here: It has already lost active support, PHP 8.0.* is already, NOT the current stable release because PHP 8.1.* is... Hello XC are you aware that self-hosted customers still exist?

AFAIK Misrepresentation is still a criminal act. Class-action litigation can't be that far away... can it?
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