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Default Module compatibility with minor versions

I have been working on a module for X-Cart Classic for versions 4.4.x to 4.7.x. and I have created module distribution packs with installation script. The distribution packs' code is based on the last version of each branch, ie, based on the code of versions 4.4.5 (Gold/Pro), 4.5.5 (Gold/Platinum), 4.6.6 (Gold/Platinum) and 4.7.12 (Gold/Platinum).

I have noticed though that there are some code differences between the last minor versions in a branch and some of the lower minor versions, for example, there are code differences between 4.7.12 and 4.7.5 versions and when I use the installation script of the 4.7.12 distribution pack in a 4.7.5 site, some 4.7.5 files cannot be patched via the installation procedure - they have to be patched manually. So, the distribution pack does not work for all previous minor versions in the branch.

So, I guess, I will have to create a distribution pack for each single minor version in each branch that differs from the last version, and I understand that this is a heck of a lot of extra work.

The other alternative is to leave it like that, ie, with the distribution packs being compatible only with the last minor versions (and maybe with a couple of previous minor versions, depending on their code similarity).

The last alternative would be ok if the majority of X-Cart-Classic sites out there had already upgraded to the last minor version of each branch, but is this the case?

I would appreciate any input on these thoughts.
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