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Default Re: XC5 - Support for PHP 8.0 & subsequent PHP 8.* releases

Originally Posted by memoto
There is no ETA on this big change yet. 5.4.2.x won't be adapted to PHP 8 for sure
XC seem happy to always be very, very lax, when maintaining current technical ability and security specifications for their paying customers
Originally Posted by memoto
The main issue is that a lot of libs don't support PHP 8 yet. Moreover, some of them have such plans (adapting), and some of them are going to be dropped (as a result, forks have to be developed and adapted). Some of the libs are going to support only the "upper" versions like >7.3 so all the previous ones won't be compatible
Good point well made, although... we have a still unresolved bug ticket, that was raised in September this year, which illustrates lots of vendor / 3rd party supplier packages used by XC5 that are hopelessly out of date and many of which have CVE-s raised against them... That's way beyond acceptable. So XC hiding behind 'waiting for other developers' is a huge ask / misdirection / excuse to justify NOT already being focused on ensuring XC5 fully supports PHP 8.0.
Originally Posted by memoto
Anyway, I will always post a "New 5.N.N.N version released" with a changelog link so you can see all the included changes/fixes/improvements.
As has been stated previously, but has fallen on deaf ears, nobody wants more bumf / bling / garnish etc. What we really want, is a) XC5 to work 100% properly - consistently b) XC5 to be fully up to date (see previous) and c) The XC5 Service Area / Marketplace fiasco to be fully resolved. Then and only then should the people in charge at XC mention XC 5.N.N.N and all of its 'new features'
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