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Default Re: nginx | nginx (proxy) and Apache | Apache

Originally Posted by Daemos
1) Well, it will be hard to provide auto-installable configs for the nginx server, since it doesn't utilises any local files like .htaccess and can't be configured by webserver user (generally)...
Thanks for this explanation. The reason we asked, is because other software suppliers do regularly do exactly this. Yes there are server specific nginx config settings to be addressed, we realise that, but in the case of any current XC5 (Apache only) download, the main (root) .htaccess file to start with (!) needs a degree of server specific customisation anyway, from any store owners wanting maximum performance / security etc so it's just the same scenario really, but with a lot less files
Originally Posted by Daemos
The common configuration is described in and It is sufficient to run X-Cart store (my own dev-installation runs with this config)
Thank you, we've read those. Our questions are:
a) Is there an update of these pages planned for XC 5.3.3.*?
b) On your own dev-installation have you actually, physically deleted ALL .htaccess files and switched to an nginx only setup (i.e. not nginx proxy ahead of Apache) prior to successfully running XC5?
c) What was the answer to X-Cart Hosting using nginx only setups? To which question b) is relevant too for their setup
Originally Posted by Daemos
Please tell us if you would like to see some deeper insights into nginx configuration.
Other than those questions above, not at this moment thanks. We'll try this on our Dev Store ourselves once we have read those answers.

Not connected to nginx but finally what was the answer to the PHP 7.0 questions? We're on 7.1.7 and running our own changes to suit, but others won't be / don't want to be / can't be yet etc and it's still a major information black hole for XC5 use
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