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Default nginx | nginx (proxy) and Apache | Apache

It's gratefully acknowledged that X-Cart 5 will run on any of these three setup choices, but.... it's currently provided as a download that's good to go on Apache only. i.e. zero nginx setup files are included in the download ( is current at the time of posting this thread although is arriving very soon)

Our common sense questions are:

1) When will XC5 downloads be provided good to go in two versions i.e. nginx OR Apache? All server root access and many shared premium hosted store owners could then select either (possibly nginx if previous threads on this forum are an indication of the changing o/s preferences). After a lot of our own test and prep work, we currently use nginx (proxy) and Apache, which delivers great speeds, but still allows .htaccess usage, which therefore by definition still makes it slightly slower than an nginx only clean install.

2) There's almost zero nginx setup reference points within existing accessible XC Data other than: One and Two plus various users helpful posts in this forum e.g. this one. There's other forum threads and other small XCart Technical references but nothing suitable for use during a complete swap over from Apache to nginx anywhere that we can find. Have we simply missed the correct page / file / data download XCart?

Previously, a great Marketing / PR fuss was made about XCart 5 being suitable for use with PHP 7.0 but when asked several times by several people; "...and the setup details for PHP 7.0 are where please?" the only answer was a stoney silence or a very polite "...ahhh we haven't had enough feedback yet..." Hmmm Well how was it extensively tested and verified then? Was the obvious question! That setup information is still outstanding from X-Cart, even now (unless the release will rectify that perhaps?) We are managing this ourselves but there has been the odd technical challenge as PHP 7.0 continues it's development at a fast pace and XCart is sometimes just slightly behind that. PHP 7.0 setup info? @AlexDyatchkov are you listening? ...

3) If X-Cart Hosting uses an nginx only setup, then this nginx setup information is already available (but for whatever reason it's hidden ) We don't use X-Cart Hosting hence our question, but this will be a simple and helpful answer from XCart...

4) If X-Cart Hosting uses the same setup as we do i.e. nginx (proxy) and Apache, okay fine but then our question would be where are the XCart development team currently up to in delivering an nginx only version of XCart 5? Not Yet Programmed? Near? Never Going To Happen? As paying end users. It would be very nice to know!
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