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Default Re: Minimum allowed order total in Reboot Skin

The file to check is /include/func/func.cart.php
function func_cart_check_maxmin_limits_n_redirect($cart)
In our latest reBOOT template, we put a static alert message in the cart, so as a workaround you could do the same...


In /skin/reboot/customer/main/cart.tpl

Add this code wherever you like...

{if $config.General.minimal_order_amount ne 0 && $cart.display_subtotal lt $config.General.minimal_order_amount} <div class="alert alert-danger"> {assign var="symbol" value="$"} {assign var="minimal_order_amount" value="<b>`$symbol``$config.General.minimal_order_amount|string_format:"%.2f"`</b>"} {$lng.err_checkout_not_allowed_msg|substitute:"value":$minimal_order_amount} </div> {/if}
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