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Default Re: X-Payments Issues

This is actually how X-Payments connected with X-Cart 4 is supposed to work, i.e. when you make a new payment in X-Payments back-end there is no connection with an existing order at X-Cart 4 side so X-Cart 4 creates an empty order that an admin user is supposed to edit using AOM after that. See

This is strange because we have been using X-Payments with X-Cart 4 since X-Payments v1 and this behavior has never been the case. We have always edited the order in AOM, then captured the original and additional amounts in X-Payments without a new order being created in X-Cart. So, a quick question regarding this, does that newly created empty order trigger a customer order notification email? If so, that seems confusing and silly on the customer's end to receive an order notification email that is empty.

This seems to be customers having 3D Secure protection enabled on their cards who do not know about that and do not know how to use it. When 3D Secure protection is enabled X-Payments redirects a shopper to an extra step with a form loaded from customers' bank over X-Payments separate page where the shopper is supposed to enter their 3D Secure password or code sent to them via SMS. That's why your customers report it occasionally. Many credit card users still do not have 3D Secure protection enabled on their cards and many of those who have it enabled do not know about it.

We do not have 3D secure protection enable in X-Payments. I have personally seen the screen it takes our customers to after hitting submit. It is literally the X-Payments template setup as if we chose not to use IFrame.

X-Cart Gold Plus v4.7.12
- php 7.3
- reBOOT reDUX
- other goodies

X-Cart Gold v4.7.7
- reBOOT Template
- XPayments 3.0.2
- Abandoned Cart Reminder
- BCSE Reward Points
- BCSE Stock Notify
- XPDF Invoices
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