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Default Forum Rules - Please Read This Before Posting !!!!!

Hi all,

Here is a guide to help make things run smoother here in the forums. Follow this advice (not rules ) to give you the best chance of getting your questions answered. Most of the things in this list are basic common sense and the norm when it comes to using internet forums. Please take the time time to read this every now and again (it does get updated) and everyone will be happy
  • [1] Please, Please, Please add your version number and software type into your signature. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO USE THIS FORUM. Also add your operating system (either Unix or Windows). Adding your location can be very useful too. Without this you'll find not so many people will answer your questions and if they do the answer may be not for your version. You can set your profile signature by clicking on the 'Profile' button in the menu at the top of the forums.

    Remember you have to put your passwords in the password box as well to make the changes stick.

    xcart v4.0.19 [unix]
    litecom v1.21 [win]

    [2] When posting a new topic make sure you give it a good descriptive title. Simply putting something like 'help me im stuck' will not help you get an answer. Most people read the titles first before they go on to read the details of the post. Also when anyone does a search for help the title of a post is one of the things that is scanned for the search keywords. If your posting a bug or a mod put the version number in the title too. Basically be as descriptive as possible.

    [3] Do NOT post the same question in different forums (cross posting). All that will happen is that one will be kept and the rest will be deleted by a moderator.

    [4] Do NOT start a new thread / topic when there is already a discussion going on. Add to that thread as it helps keep continuity and makes finding answers easier later.

    [5] The forums are very busy and growing day by day. With that in mind remember that most topics have been discussed before. The quickest way to find an answer is to use the SEARCH button at the top of the forum.

    [6] Please read the forum faq and the faq in xcart members area before posting. Youll find many things are answered in there already and youll get an answer to your question much faster that way. yeh, yeh, we know that no one reads the manual before they dive in but it is there to help you (even if they are sometimes a little out of date). Another good place to start is here ... A list of things asked a million times

    [7] Dont use offensive language in your posts. We try and keep things clean and friendly in here. Racist, sexist language or anything else that may offend any one else no matter who they are is not welcome here. Its a big world and were all different and no one needs any hassle.

    [8] If you are posting links for people to view your site make sure that people are aware of the content. For instance if your site contains adult content make it known. Many people use these forums from work or from home where children or grandparents may be watching and may not want to see stuff like that. Others are quite happy to see it but its only fair to keep people informed and give them the choice.

    [9] Remember that these forums are for users to speak to users. The moderators are not employed by or affilaited to xcart, qualiteam etc. If you want to speak to a member of xcart staff then you must use the message board that is located at

    Welcome to the X-Cart forum! Please note that the forum is created to allow X-Cart users communicating with each other. The X-Cart support team does not guarantee providing support in this forum. If you want to contact the X-Cart team, please use the message board at instead. All answers are provided by the X-Cart users. X-Cart is not responsible for the information provided here.

    [10] Don't post your user name and passwords for your stores or your ftp details or database access settings. Its not the most secure thing to do. You dont want anyone hacking into your store.

    [11] Don't post pages and pages of code if you can avoid it. We all have access to the code and it just pads out the forum. Its better to give a good description and make sure you have your version number in your forum signaute.

    [12] If your viewing a users site please don't enter false information and make false / test orders (unless they asked you to) just so that you can see how they have altered their store. This is a pain for any store owner as youll find if and when it starts to happen to you. If your interested in seeing how they did something just send them an email or pm and they will no doubt have a test account set up so that you can take a look around without making a mess of their stats.

    [13] If you would like to advertise your services then you can do this by placing a message in your forum signature or by placing a post in the Profesional Help Offers forum. Dont post adverts to yourself all over the other forums as they will just be deleted. In the main these forums are for people to help each other out. If you do offer a solution that people must pay for then there is no problem adding a link to your own site where you offer the solution in responce to someones question. If you do wish to advertise your services then you must keep to only one post in the pro help forums. If you have updated news or items on offer just add to your own thread and do not start a new one. This gives everyone equal exposure and keeps things fair.

    [14] Try and avoid flooding the forums with posts that have no use. Saying thanks to someone is fine but posting things like 'I dont know' or 'let me know if you find out' doesnt help anyone.

    [15] Do your best to put your posts in the correct forum. Each forum has a description of the sort of questions you should post there (they are not perfect but good enough as a guide). This not only helps people answer you but also helps others in future when they are trying to find an answer.

    [16] Do not send private messages to mods or other forum users asking them to read your post , fix bugs or help with a problem unless you are looking to hire them or have their permission first. Nobody gets paid to answer questions on this forum and most users have their own jobs / business etc. Apart from that you limit your chances of getting an answer and would be better of posting your question well in the correct forum. If you want personal attention you can get this from xcart via the official members area.

    [17] If you think you have found a bug in xcart / litecommerce make a detailed post in the bugs forum. remember to include as much information as possible including version number and os. It is also advisable to test the bug on the official online demo version too. please see the notes in the bugs forum for extra advice on how to post a bug report

    [18] Discussing other shopping cart systems is not allowed and any posts containing this kind of info will be deleted. Please don't yell at the moderators, this is Qualiteam's rule and we are just enforcing it.
If you want to stay updated on new releases and other important information then make sure that you subscribe to the 'News And Announcements' thread. To do this click the link to the left and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Watch this topic for replies' or just click here

Enjoy the forums and if you can help others then do so. Every starts somewhere but by helping each other we all learn quicker. You'll find answers to most of your questions here. All it takes is a bit of patience and a whole lot of reading and you'll soon be up to speed.

Thanks for your cooperation & Happy Xcarting

Your xcart Mods
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