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Default Re: Can't upgrade to 5.4.1.x

I can't upgrade to 5.40 - looking at wordpress- much more ecommerce options.

Tired of getting abused - the cart tanked my server and tanked my google rankings. The amount of datacache is crazy. I tried for 6 years on several servers.

They dont get it - its the same story - upgrades are a struggle.

Now I am tired of it all. Its the year 2020 - I had better carts in 1999- better in terms of getting google to rank my sights.

Alex Dyachkov- you should get yourself a middle of the road server and try to upgrade from to - That hook tech you guys use is too much - in everyway.

Wordpress upgrades by itself - I dont even have to mess with upgades - try being like wordpress.

Skip The Dishes is based on wordpress - go figure- I did. If its good enough for Don Draper - well its good enough for me.
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