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Default Re: 'Creating custom email notifications' dev doc

Originally Posted by vasilis
Getting out of subject here, but it goes without saying that there is no any proper dev. documentation for X-Cart. There are just bits and pieces of developing tips that are presented like a cooking recipe, without having presented the reason why a specific action is taken.

Sad but true... That's why I don't even go there. It takes lots of time to go through the code though and learn what/how it does in the beginning but after a while you get used to it.

Originally Posted by vasilis
I am surprised though why an 'outsider' programmer hasn't tried to write a developer's guide book all these years.

1. Because it will be unofficial documentation.
2. Because XC changes its code so much and so often that writing and maintaining documentation will be a full time job.
3. Because no one will pay the "outsider" programmer to do that.
4. Because to write good documentation one has to have deep knowledge and understanding of what's there, how it works, what it does, etc. This goes back to #2.
5. Because it is not the "outside" programmer job to do this.

There's more reasons but why bother. This forum was a good source of documentation for XC4 however things changed with XC5. It is one thing to post few lines of code that will change product page for example (XC4) but for XC5 it may require to post a whole module... And this is where the forum lost its value.
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