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Default One Page Checkout with X-Payments can hang-up in X-Cart 5.1.5

During testing for an X-Cart 5.1.5 site that we hope to go live with soon, we discovered a unique issue with the checkout process. The site is connected to our X-Payments 2.0 installation.

This was stumbled upon while placing test orders and is due to the web browser being set to Auto-fill or remember passwords. Either one seems to trigger the browser to enter email addresses in appropriate boxes.

To test or reproduce the problem: Add an item to cart and go to Checkout. Complete the customer email field first and then complete the rest of the customer information. This causes the page to hang up and not load the credit card details section from X-Payments.

If you repeat the test (a private or incognito browser helps, if you have auto-fill settings turned on), but enter the customer information in order from top to bottom, the page loads fine and you are able to complete checkout.

We tested this on Chrome, IE, and Firefox. Same behavior on all three.

I suspect a large number of customers could have their web browsers set to auto-fill. This could be a big issue. - Bug Tracker ticket - Video Demonstration
X-Cart 4.7.3
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