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Default Re: Disabling update/upgrade search?

From what I see there is no more free version of XC. Latest even hides the option to continue with free license. It is still there but hidden and hard to find.

The free license allowed to get at least minor bug fixing updated. Not anymore. Looks like once installed you either purchase a license or you are stuck with whatever you installed. Which makes the free license actually a test license.

I just started new site upgrade and installed Couple days later showed up but I can't upgrade to it because I still don't have a license for the core. And I don't have a license because - get this - you cannot purchase one from XC site anymore unless you go through some form and probably wait for them to contact you and try to push cloud. The place in the helpdesk where you can buy modules and services had the different licenses listed before for direct purchase - not anymore.

Something is cooking up with XC software and so far it looks to me it is not in favor of existing users and devs. It may benefit new ones but that's also questionable at this point.

Oh and by the way the upgrade to introduces some issue with real time shipping (so far I can confirm for UPS, FedEx, USPS modules) - if active even without rates being setup it makes checkout almost impossible. A client suffered through this and I have tested it on my dev store which is stock XC. Not sure if it affects all but from what my test shows it does.
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