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Angry X-Cart 5 Business Licence Annual Cost Increased By 299%

Previously, the annual fee for "Renewal of access to upgrades" (sic) on an existing X-Cart Business Licence was $99.00 USD Plus... the farcical, numerous, annual fees for any additional, applicable X-Cart Add-Ons being used by the store-holder. The latter being a stupid situation that X-Cart have avoided / never ever dealt with.

Today's impersonal but patronising, scatter gun approach, deliberately vaguely worded and intentionally unsigned, joke e-mail - sent by a Seller Labs Company (sic) way down in Georgia, Y'all - informs us, that this fee has been "adjusted" (sic) to.... $395.00 USD Read that again;$395.00 USD That's a 299% price increase....

As sick jokes go, this is up there with the very best. If you wanted to be convinced, that X-Cart / Seller Labs / New Names Inc etc wanted to kill off all self-hosted packages and switch everyone to convenient, cloud based rentals - here you are. XC have handed it to you on a putrid and unwelcome plate.

A 299% price increase, doled out for a product that is massively behind where it should be, has almost zero 'presence' compared to when it was launched and when all of the world, is in the middle of enduring new, monumental business challenges, due to the severe effects of COVID-19 is about as welcome as chocolate fireguard.

All the "senior people" or so it appears, are now busy trying to recover all of the costs they incurred thanks to their own mismanaged, recent shocking but spectacular X-Cart hosting failures by enforcing all of the other, easy target, non-hosting failure contributory customers, into funding all of their own inexcusable errors.

The preceding is bordering on extortion and is 100% untenable. HERE is the XC "Executive Team" Maybe you want to contact them directly? Quite soon?
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