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Default Re: X-cart Hosting type

Originally Posted by memoto
X-Cart Hosting services provide Nginx based hosting solutions
Meaning... Nginx proxing requests to Apache aka proxy mode we're assuming? That certainly would make good sense.
Proxy mode setups work very well and are used in many hosting solutions (we use a Nginx proxy setup for X-Cart on our server & it runs perfectly).

We're only making this post because an official release, of a 100% Nginx only version of X-Cart 5.4.* (or any previous releases) has never happened.
It's pretty important then, that no unintended or accidental 'illusion' that it has, is made. Even if, that's by association e.g. to hosting setups

Have a read of THIS old thread; page 3 & Post #23 (!) first, then THIS public beta release thread; Post #22 - point d) & Post #23 just for starters...
It's been a half-hearted approach (so far) to providing an Nginx only version of X-Cart and so X-Cart is (currently) still very much Apache focused.
However, this ^^ doesn't effect what to look for from a hosting provider, which was the basis of the main question from @EvagorasG to be fair!
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