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Default Re: X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta is out

Originally Posted by mvs
Currently, this is not a prior task. Unfortunately, this tutorial will not be included in 5.4.0.x Stable release
Being polite, somebody at XC is NOT doing their job correctly. How has 'aesthetics' suddenly jumped ahead of security over at Upgradesville?

This IS a priority task. The now infamous tutorial is only being provided in lieu of the fact that XC promised to deliver an effective CSP as part of ~/xcart/etc/config.php in XC 5.4.*.* a long time ago. Now and quite suddenly, this has NOT can NOT be delivered, purely because "...cannot add rules for 3-d party modules" (sic)

That's a very questionable excuse anyway and one that isn't given anywhere else. It's often the exact reverse in fact c/w many binding rules. The convenient, module dependency issue should have been known (if indeed it actually does exist...) back at the time the above promise was made.

A logical, albeit speculative, conclusion based on the preceding and other historical examples, is that nobody at XC has actually thought about this properly, at all. AKA "...we might get away with it..." This despite CSP being the "elephant in the room" for all paying XC5 license holders (but in fairness, some may still be unaware at this point).

People do seem to like avoiding reality on here sometimes, but where we're from, a spade is a spade, regardless of any happy, vague, PR style, PC official response that's given.
Originally Posted by mvs
Thank you for testing!
Obviously this will now be limited testing because this ^^ and several other things are not actually ready.
There's beta testing & then there's latest overnight compiled output testing. The two are vastly different.
Originally Posted by mvs
Please let me know if you find anything else
We won't be providing any feedback on colour shades or image border hues & saturation content just so we're 100% clear
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