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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

Originally Posted by Tim Soles
For our part we will prefer to have this built in to x-cart rather than establishing separate databases.
Glad you added the prefix "...for our part" to that conclusion

Conjecture and Opinions on; Planned compliance measures, countries theoretically affected, countries actually affected, ergo businesses potentially at risk, the ability for this to actually be enforced etc etc etc vary massively and this collection of varied opinions, is the only true live reference point to GDPR... so far....

If and we say If, XC do decide to add a method of GDPR compliance to XC5, then this must only be by way of a module (free or chargeable / XC / Third Party Developer / Custom Home Built) because... this then allows selective choice by all storeowners, which is very important.

Many storeowners may / will be unaffected and therefore, will be (and rightly so) disenfranchised with having any GPDR compliance processes forced upon them as part of XC5 #Core as it will be 100% superfluous in their case. @qualiteam please pass this on to the right XC people. Thx!
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