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Default Re: Thumbnail size in xc5

Hi Richard!

These values are hard-coded. However, you can easily define new values by creating a decoration of the XLite/View/ProductBox class in your module.

You should override the following method in this class:
PHP Code:
protected function defineWidgetParams()

$this->widgetParams += array(
self::PARAM_PRODUCT_ID => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\ObjectId\Product('Product Id'0true),
self::PARAM_ICON_MAX_WIDTH => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Int(
'Maximal icon width'160true
self::PARAM_ICON_MAX_HEIGHT => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Int(
'Maximal icon height'160true

Originally Posted by RichieRich
Is there a setting for the thumbnail size? As the thumbnail images are generated I would like to make mine slightly larger, maybe 180px or 200px.
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