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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

Pop-up Anywhere module is updated!

1. Now admin can schedule pop-ups for certain period with new setting 'Show in period' (set 'from date' and 'to date' with datepicker) .png .png

2. New option for 'Pop-up will be shown' setting: 'When customer clicks the link'. This kind of pop-ups can be used to create pop-ups specific for your store. As the example, I've created 'Size guide' pop-up.

3. Minor bug related to coupon discount value and X-Multicurrency is fixed.

4. 'Coupon settings' section is improved (coupon type is defined by selector now).

5. 'Show popup to all customers even if they have already seen it' selector is changed to button (if pop-up must be shown once per N days and pop-up content is changed administrator can use this button to force showing of pop-up).

The new version is in File Area already.

If you've already have installed module and want to get these improvements, please follow the instructions (no re-installation is required):
1. Unpack an updated distributive into a temp directory on your system
2. Apply 'sql/popup_anywhere_patch_upgrade_v10_v110.sql' from unpacked module distributive via Admin -> Patch/Upgrade Center, 'Apply SQL-patch' section.
3. Copy all module's files from temp directory (step 1) to your X-Cart directory to replace old files.
4. Clear X-Cart cache in admin area via 'Tools -> Maintance -> Clear templates/X-Cart cache'
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