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Default Re: PayPal is launching an advanced payment interface.

Originally Posted by qualiteam
Its just a quick solution, thus I'm afraid no.

PayPal expects individual prices for items, but allows only 2 digits after the decimal point. Thus having quantity passed implies devision of the price by product quantity to pass to PayPal. But due to that limit the total could became wrong e.g. for 2 products $15.77/2 = 7.885 but only 7.88 can be passed as a price for the item...

How is one item priced 7.885 in the first place? Prices in XC are rounded to the second digit after the decimal point. Even if the user tries to import price $7.885 it will be saved in the db as $7.89 or $7.88 - the price field in xcart_pricing table is decimal(12,2) type which will force the price to 2 digits after decimal point. So how someone will order quantity of 2 and have subtotal for this quantity $15.77? This makes no sense. Or is my brain fried today?
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